KFAI’s Web Shows Get A Broadcast Showcase

KFAI has a rich selection of programs that are only heard online – our web shows represent the developing sound of the station as new producers and DJ’s find their voices.

In the hours leading up to the beginning of our Spring Membership Drive for 2015 (at 6am Saturday, March 14), we’ll showcase two of our web-only programs.

At 2 am, listen for Below The Waste as hosts Mason and Ben pursue their declared mission:  “For over two years we’ve sought to embrace the terrible and sublime with equal affection.”

And at 4 am, DJ Takara and DJ Lady Em will bring you Versed Radio, with quality music drawn from a broad background.  

The show is rooted in hip hop from the early to the golden era to the current, with more – including R&B, neo-soul, dancehall, reggae, Latin, electronic and spoken word.

And the DJ’s have special guests for this broadcast debut — their moms!

We’re calling it KFAI’s Web Show Showcase, leading up to the launch of our Spring Membership Drive!


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